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Wednesday 29th September 12pm NZT

Price Your Photography For Profit
and finally  get paid what you are worth

Having the perfect pricing in place is more than just a  price list...... 

There are 5 essential points to creating  profitable pricing in your business.  Read on to learn more about what you need to know  be able to craft your perfect portrait pricing. 

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The reality is this:

Far too many amazing photographers struggle to earn a living in their business because they simply don't know how to price and sell their work. 

Trying to work out what to charge for your portrait work is hard.   Especially when it feels that there are so many other photographers in your area - and they all charge so much less than you.  It's easy to fall into the trap of competing on price - and finding yourself in a race to the bottom - making no money and running yourself ragged just to keep up. 


However- if you're like most photographers I know - you started your portrait business so that you could earn a living doing what you love.   


 And trust me - you can!     In my live Masterclass - I'm going to show you that you can price yourself for profit and still sell higher price collections to your dream clients. 

This workshop is for you if....


You're a  heart-driven Portrait Photographer and you are ready to build a solid business that not only supports your financial dreams- but your creative desires as well. 

It might be that you're a photographer who's....

  • Been running your business for a while - but now it's time to get serious about your income.

  • Just starting your business and you want to start with the right pricing from the get go.

  • Serious about building a sustainable business the smart way - by taking control of the numbers in your studio to accelerate growth and profitability. 

If this sounds like you , then you're in the right place and I'm going to tell you how Profitable Pricing will give you all you need to know about setting your pricing correctly, about creating packages that are super-easy to sell, and how to ensure you always make a profit every single month in your portrait business.

 By the end of this masterclass, you will have…


  • Defined your money goals- and know exactly how to reach them!

  • Nailed your numbers and feel confident to price accordingly- No more guessing or wondering where the profit is.

  •  Designed an irresistible price list  - one that you feel confident talking about when booking your customers. 

  • Developed easy to sell packages that your customers love.

    Ordering sessions will feel easy and you'll know exactly what to include to get the best outcomes

  • Learnt how and when to communicate pricing with your clients.

  • Identified Your Path to a 6-Figure Studio - And Beyond! 


Join Me Live! 

Where:   Live via Zoom

When:   September 29th 12pm NZ time 

Bring your pricelist, your questions and a calculator - it's going to get number-crunchy but in a good way, I promise!  

Let's finally nail your pricing so you can start making some money in your business! 

Enrol today - Early Bird Special  

$97     $77

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