Valuing Your Worth - A Different Perspective

Often, when we start talking about valuing our worth, we tend to relate this to what our PHOTOGRAPHY is worth. We question what PRICE people will pay and we ask ourselves if we are GOOD ENOUGH to charge the price that we need to charge to stay in business.

What I want to do is to ask you a slightly different set of questions to help you evaluate your worth.

I am passionate about the numbers in your business – but today I’m going to look at the bigger picture with you and the LIFE costs many photographers (including myself!) have experienced from running a business and not valuing their own worth.

So –lets look at some other costs of your business that are not covered by your accountant.

For example, if you are working long hours and not being compensated enough financially, this is going to be exhausting, stressful and disheartening. You need to think about the cost of that to your life and your wellbeing.

When you don’t earn the amount you need to earn – what does that cost your financial situation? Your future? Your dreams?

When you don’t have enough time for exercise-what does that cost your health and wellbeing?

When you are too busy working-what does that cost your family and friendships?

Now imagine you were working in a sustainable business earning a comfortable amount

that was providing for your needs, your dreams, your goals, your future and your family.

Imagine that you've got dreams and goals and you can see yourself achieving them through your business and that you've got time to enjoy life outside of your client work.

And as you imagine this ideal life – ask yourself–how much income do you require to live this life? Ask –how much time do you need for the important things and people in your life?

Hopefully by now you are getting a sense that your worth is NOT just about your photography –but rather the fulfilment you get from LIFE.

Your worth is your time with your loved ones.

Your worth is your health.

Your worth is your wellbeing and happiness.

Your business needs to be a vehicle to achieve these things – not a barrier to them.

Every time you sell yourself short or you doubt the price you need to charge - you are doubting your worth. You are denying yourself the chance to live your dream life.

Once you know what your time and energy is worth, how much do you need to earn to move towards your dream life? And when you know what you are worth - well - that's when you can start learning the necessary skills like sales and marketing to achieve it.

The biggest barrier to valuing your worth therefore is not your skillset, or your clients, or even your pricing–it’s your own sense of what YOU are worth. Once you break through the mental barrier and you can shift the way you think about your business–the results you experience will soon follow.