My Coaching Approach - And Why It's Different

When I was building my studio and working on applying strategies to my business plan, I found that being a single mum juggling a toddler, a home, a business as well as ambition - were things that were very hard to balance on my own.

I was often burnt out and exhausted from sleep deprivation (oh the joys of a teething toddler who never slept!) I suffered intense Mummy guilt as I held onto the stories in my head about what I 'should' be doing, and I'm sure it was only sheer pigheadedness that kept me going and kept me upright some days.

I was constantly saying things like:

"I don't have time' or "I'm so busy' or "I'm so exhausted", "I'm sorry darling - Mummy has to work", "I feel like the worst mother ever...."

I was feeling broken but I knew I had to provide for my son- so I would push, and I would strive and I would make myself do what needed doing. I was utterly miserable.

And then - eventually - I found a better way.

What I learnt - was that you can have both - a good business AND life balance. You can be the breadwinner AND the parent. You can run a business AND be there for school pick up if you desire. You can work part-time AND earn a full time income.

I learnt that much of my business success actually started at home - with good systems and routines in place to save time and enable me to focus on both home and work equally.

You don't have to choose between these areas - you just have to learn how to work holistically and to build a business that works for YOU - not the other way around.

So - my coaching approach is one of balance. Of finding the ease in working and the success in all areas of your life - not just one. And when your life is in balance - your business will reflect that. You'll enjoy it more, you'll make more money and best of all - it will be sustainable long term.

So - if you're like I was and you're struggling to find the balance between home, life and work - then jump on a call with me and lets create a plan to balance more of your life - while moving your business forward at the same time.

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