The results have been revealed!! 


Results Event!

It's all going to be revealed on Friday 17th September 1pm AEST 

WHERE photography clients  find their photographer

WHY they choose a photographer and

WHAT is important to them.

Ever wondered what makes someone choose one photographer over another? 

In August 2021, Kate from A Little Life interviewed over 600 photography clients and asked them a variety of questions that has provided a fascinating insight into the buying behaviour of portrait photography clients across a variety of genres.

On September 17th - Kate is going to reveal these results to arm photographers with the information you need to make successful marketing and business decisions.  

I'm delighted to be joining as a guest panellist on an exciting webinar with Kate and Andrew Helmich from PhotobizX  to discuss these findings and how they relate to our industry. 


Why this is important 

After attending this live event, you're going to have a current and detailed understanding of buyer behaviour of portrait photography clients.  

You will learn: 

  • What motivates a client to choose their photographer 

  • Where they are searching for a photographer - both online and offline 

  • What truly matters to them

  • What YOU need to be doing to attract your ideal client 

  • And where you need to be showing up 

Grab your spot on this webinar as we dive into the findings to discuss the trends and many surprises. The results of this survey will help you make clear decisions about your business marketing moving forward – particularly in the areas of social media, SEO, blogging, pricing, customer service, branding and your online web presence.


Results Event!