My mission 

Is to help photographers to go from overwhelmed and burnt-out,  to living in balance,  managing their portrait business with ease, and running profitable six-figure businesses.

From broke single mama - to running a mid-6-figure studio

When I quit my job in 2012 - I had no idea how to run a business. 

I had a camera, a tiny shared rental studio space - and a dream.  

Two years later  - I made the tough decision to become a single mama with my 15 month old son.   All of a sudden - my little business HAD to provide for us!  

Over the next few years I'd learn how to simplify business and systemise everything so that my studio ran as easily as possible. 

I hired an amazing team who helped me bring my vision of my dream studio to life. 


Those early days - were bloody tough!

Many times on my journey I was sure I would fail.    I battled with trying desperately to juggle motherhood and a business, with mummy-guilt and with burnout.  I cried A LOT, and more than once, found myself crumpled in a heap, my head on my knees, wondering why it was so damned hard. 

I would look at the amazing talent around me and would be filled with self-doubt about my own worth, my pricing and my business in general.


I worked long hours and often 14-day weeks - all while juggling a toddler who spent far too much time in daycare and who -  at nights - never slept. 


I was sleep-deprived, exhausted and many times I just wanted to quit. 

I discovered that business really could be easy!

However - I knew one thing to be true and I refused to quit. 

I knew that others had achieved what I dreamed of doing - then I could too!  

I just had to learn how to do it myself and in a way that supported my son and I - not only financially - but also with more balance. 

So that's what I did....

  • I learnt to simplify my business so that it could run profitably and streamlined. 


  • I implemented systems, people and marketing to grow my studio. 

  • I attracted an amazing team who felt more like family than employees. 

  • We had a constant stream of ideal customers.

  • I worked just a few hours a week and had more time with my son. 


  • Most importantly- I was finally getting to be the mum I always dreamed of being.


Since then, I've learnt to look at business and life holistically  

My business system is one that takes a high level view of what's working - and not working.    I learnt the hard way that hustle and grind are NOT sustainable ways to grow a studio because there's no point having a great business - if it doesn't also support a great life! 

Are you ready to build a profitable business that fits your life? 

A business that works for YOU - and not the other way around?

A business that allows you to balance family with career - that you don't have to chose one or the other!

I've created a simple business blueprint that allowed me to to grow a successful portrait studio AND be a mum to my little boy - and I'm going to show you how you can do it too.