My mission 

 Is to help photographers to go from overwhelmed and burnt-out - to living in balance,  running their portrait business with ease, and making the income they truly desire. 

Where I started

When I quit my job in 2012 - I had no idea how to run a business.  I had a camera, a tiny shared rental studio space - and a dream.  

Two years later  - I started over as a single mama with my 12 month old son and I decided that getting a job or going on welfare - were NOT options for me - I was going to make my business work.  

Since then - I learnt how to run a profitable studio that not only supported my son and I but also a business that supports a team of people and gives back each year to causes that truly matter. 

But it wasn't always easy 


Many times on my journey I was sure I would fail.    I battled with trying desperately to juggle motherhood and a business, I cried A LOT, and I was often overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out.


I would look at the amazing talent around me and would be filled with self-doubt about my own worth, my pricing and my business in general.


I worked long hours and often 14-day weeks - all while juggling a toddler who spent far too much time in daycare and at nights - he never slept. 


I was sleep-deprived, exhausted and many times I just wanted to quit. 

I began to think like a business owner - not a photographer - and it all changed

Once I changed what I believed was possible for me - I began to develop the courage to take new steps, to put my fears aside and to really grow.

I learnt to simplify my business so that it could run profitably and streamlined. 


I implemented systems, people and marketing to grow my studio. 

I attracted an amazing team who felt more like family than employees. 

We had a constant stream of ideal customers.

I worked just a few hours a week.


And - most importantly- I was finally getting to be the mum I always dreamed of being for my son.  

I eventually sold my studio in 2021 and now help other photographers to find balance and run their own profitable portrait businesses. 


Are you ready to take control of your business and step into your dream studio? 

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Price For Profit

Learn what the key metrics are in your business and to understand how they affect your pricing and profit.   

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Price For Profit

Learn what the  key metrics are in your business and understand how they affect your pricing and profit.   

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A Little About Me

I couldn't live without coffee! 

I love being on the beach early in the morning.

One of my favourite things to do is load up the car with a tent and a BBQ and take my son camping. 

I will ALWAYS sing along to anything country! 

I'm obsessed with growing our own food in the back yard, and making sourdough. 

My dream getaway is when I'm on a horse in the high country.


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